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The Frum Fashionista

No Hefty Bags for Moi!

23 December 1974

"Beauty is not extravagance; beauty is life" - Imelda Marcos

Most may frown on her excessive indulgences like owning 400 pairs of shoes. However, one is forced to agree with her on this statement. Everything on the planet was created with it's own signature beauty. Some things one has peel away layers to see the inner beauty. Others are so awe-inspiring that one is left dumbstruck!

Some people know me. Others don't. I'm converting to Orthodox Judaism.

This blog is for people looking for modest (Tznius) clothes. (Includes online and offline retailers.) Also discussed fashion in general as well. I love fashion...maybe a little too much. I love looking pretty and stylish. Sometimes dressy modestly can present a challenge to your sensibilities and your budget. I don't think it has to be that way, do you? I didn't think so!

Dress well!
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